About Me

About Me!

Hello! I'm Kathy, my passion is graphic design. From a very young age graphic design and art has been an interest to me - actually I think I've been using design programs since 15. So it's been a long journey. I feel lucky to have a job in such a creative field and truly enjoy my work and have had some really amazing clients. 

I've worked on everything from print ads, billboards, web pages, banners, 3d renderings, marketing event mock-ups, flyers to sweepstakes micro-sites and more. I also really enjoy the brainstorming process and developing a strategy for marketing programs.  Some previous client experience I have is with Beam Suntory, General Motors, Treasury Wine Estates, Nissan, Kia, Wine Australia, Northwestern Medicine, Illinois Lottery, WITS Chicago, Accel Entertainment, Anheuser Busch and United Airlines. The designs I've produced have been launched throughout the country in cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Oakland.

My skills really range as well. I am a graduate from Art Direction at Columbia College where my focus was graphic design and marketing strategy. Here is where my skills really excelled. I also took a handful of courses on web coding - mostly html, css and java. However post graduation I continue to self teach in various coding languages such as php. I'm particularly skilled in WordPress and creating static WordPress websites. You will see some examples in my portfolio

Lastly, I would say I'm getting pretty into video editing and animation. I really am fully self taught in this sector of design. It started with creating recap videos for events and sizzle reels for companies I worked for and now it's a combination of those + videos on software. I really enjoy the animation portion however most of the time it turns into a lot of content editing which is fun too.

Overall, I have a fairly wide skillset and am pretty tech savy which is super beneficial. I hope you enjoy my portfolio and reach out if you see me as a good fit for you project or job.