About Me



About Me!

As a designer, my role is to create design solutions that make a visual impact. Understanding printing and web standards is key to my role. Translating guidelines and requirements made by account managers and clients into design is critical. Print advertisements, web pages, banners, business cards, premiums, marketing event mock-ups and sweepstakes micro-sites are some things I have produced for clients such as General Motors, Illinois Lottery, WITS Chicago, Treasury Wine Estates, Anheuser Busch and United Airlines. The designs I've produced have been launched throughout the country in cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Oakland.

Coding (HTML & CSS) and WordPress (CMS system) are some web design tools that I have used to create digital work with such as websites & sweeps platforms. Through these skills I have managed the All Terrain website, created websites for Working In The Schools,The Embassy, 19 Crimes Sweeps and more. Web interactivity and coding is something that I strive to excel in. Technology and user interactivity are very important to my role.